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About art gallery

Under the light hand of Marina Tchaikovskaya, an art studio was created in which the artist can give in to her true passion, which is creating paintings, wooden boxes, or hand-painted boards.

To share her unique world with others, in 2017 she opened her first gallery in Wrocław, and them in 2018 in Kudowa Zdrój.

In the gallery you can admire the works of artist, maintained in the current of abstractionism and avant-garde, made by the author’s technique. Thanks to the use of various methods the works are full of expression.

About the Artist

Marina Tchaikovskaya was born in 1963, Kazakhstan. In 1989, she graduated from the Kazakh State Agrotechnical University, where she earned her engineer degree in architecture. In the same year she started working in her profession. However, after three months, expecting a child she decided to stop her career. This period proved to be valuable for the artist. Having a large amount of time, she started to create, paint and prove herself in various forms of artistic expression. Marina discovered that this is the activity that brings her the most joy and satisfaction. In 1999 she become a drawing teacher, in years 1997-2009 she taught artistic composition and computer graphics at the Moscow State Aviation Technological University. At the same time, the artist did not stop creating, perfecting her workshop and using various painting techniques. In 2006 she started to organize her first exhibitions, which could be admired at the Moscow State Aviation Technological University and local art galleries, where she was one of the authors of ‘Kostroma Painters’ exhibition.

In 2009 she moved to Poland, which is her husband, Anatol, homeland. The move resulted in even greater development of creativity, gaining more and more audience. The author’s subsequent exhibitions took place in Wrocław, Trzebnica, Oborniki Śląskie and Wałbrzych at thematic exposition, showing her original style, which stands out against the background of local artists.

Artists world is full of color, emotions, symbolisms and hidden meanings. Marina Tchaikovskaya paints in the current of abstractionism and symbolism, approaching its work with particular care and the necessary inspiration.
‘My works are like reflection, in which you can see yourself.’ – Marina Tchaikovskaya about her work.

By using different techniques, starting with acrylic painting on canvas to original techniques, she creates unique, ambiguous pieces of art, opening the recipient to his own interpretation. Author’s favorite theme are oneiric angels. Marina thinks that each person has its own guard angel, which is close to their feelings, fears and joy. In her works we can also find architecture theme, often sacred, and cat theme, which is the best-loved artist’s furry friend. By creating Marina Tchaikovskaya, especially appreciates sincerity, showing all of herself, her personality and the energy that translates into unique works.