An invitation to the world of artist’s creativity.

On This page you will find unique images created in the current of symbolism and abstractionism by Marina Tchaikovskaya. The author’s style is characterized by lightness, multicolor and individual approach. The aim of these works is to be able to see yourself as if in a mirror image and freely interpret the symbol shown on them.

For the author, the most important things in painting are real emotions, filling every single person.

Works are created using various techniques – among them we can find paintings on the plot painted with acrylic paints and graphics on paper.


The original works are in single copies, which may have already found their owners, we also offer the possibility of buying a reproduction of the selected image in several variants.

You can buy printout of selected work on canvas, which thanks to its structure imitates a real painting plot gives the effect of manual painting.

Printouts are made in high quality ecological, odorless and resistant of abrasion. Properly prepared printed plot stretched on a stable, wooden painting loom, then it is protected with vanish. However, a reproduction does not have to be just an image.

It can be a ceramic tile, which will complete and enliven your interior with art. Duplications are also placed on magnets and wooden boxes. All of the wooden boxes are hand-crafted and signed by the author. It is an ideal example of applied arts – you can store your jewelry, souvenirs or other important items.


From under the author’s brush comes out excellent works on wood. Especially with unique, old wood hiding many stories. In 2007 during roof renovation of
Sanctuarium of St.Jadwiga in Trzebnica, the 300-year-old planks are being replaced, which hit the hands of Marina Tchaikovskaya and become an inspiration to create special arts. The author brings them to life by painting the figures of extraordinary angels. Sometimes it may takes some time to find true inspiration, be able to make the best possible use of unusual material and transfer as much sincere emotions as possible.
After the process in completed, the board is secured with vanish so it can decorate your home for prolonged period of time.

The author also paints on smaller, newer boards.
She places there sensitive, colorful illustrations presenting her characteristic themes and fulfill them with interesting sentences. The sentences come from her favourite books, prayers etc.
Written word in combination with personal style make every board a piece of art, which can be a perfect gift for your loved ones.


Marina’s Tchaikovskaya artistic activity is expanded with the creation of various accessories, which, although they are smaller, are an ideal opportunity to buy a piece of her art. You can find here paintings on glass maintained in gold-silver coloring, representing subtle angels, you can also spot incredible originals greeting cards – for birthdays or holidays. Among them you will find hand-made or printout cards, which are reproductions of previously made works, just as decoupage boards, which are printouts of an image on MDM board. Apart from images boards also present chosen by the author sentence and eco-friendly string tag.

That is why they can be an amazing souvenir or personal present, just painted wooden hearts with pendant, which are an adorable appendix. What is more you can also find wooden mug coasters, which are at the same time interesting decoration but also especially useful.

The artist also makes other additions, for example, to specific holidays. That is why we encourage you to visit this tab, we are sure that occasional surprises will often be waiting here for you!